About Us

As you pass through

the doors, walk the halls, or use the classrooms, dorms, or other facilities at New Tribes Mission Schools – Puraquequara (PQQ), it is important to understand the love, dedication, and purpose which a large community of people has poured out to build this school.

The property,

which is now PQQ, was purchased in 1956 by New Tribes Mission. At that time two houses existed on the property.

In 1958

school began with Mr. Ron Lotz and his wife, Elaine, teaching grades 1-8 in a little wooden building originally built as an eating place during the construction of the first houses. The first school building was built in the spring of 1959 and first used for the 1959-1960 school year.

High school classes began

in the fall of 1961, and the high school building was constructed in 1963. The first high school graduation also took place in 1963.
The grade school building was constructed during 1968-1969, as the old grade school building had become too small for the growing student body.


has been a boarding school since its inception. But in the first two years of school there were no dormitories. All the students stayed in the homes of the teachers and staff. In 1960, the first dorm was built, housing all boarding students. The little dorm was constructed in 1962, the high dorm in 1965, and the middle dorm in 1971.

Over the years

the facilities as you see them have been added through the hard work of the staff, our students, and other interested individuals and groups as the Lord has provided funds and strength. What exists is because of Him, and what continues is dedicated to His glory!

The reason

these many people planned, worked, prayed, and sacrificed was twofold: (1) a place was needed to educate the children of missionaries, and (2) missionary parents have obeyed God’s command to do their utmost to see their children raised and taught to live according to the will of God.