Current Needs

Escola Internacional Puraquequara Needs:

  1. Elementary Teachers: Because of the lack of teachers and because of lower student enrollment numbers, we have grouped our elementary/middle school grades two to a classroom (e.g., grades 1 & 2 in one room, grades 3 & 4 in another room, etc.) Obviously, our teachers need to be able to manage multiple grade levels in the same room. As we are able, especially when a particular subject area calls for it (e.g., 5th-grade math and 6th-grade math) we separate the two grade levels into different rooms, each with their own teacher. Currently, we are in need of trained teachers to work with the following grade levels/classrooms:
    • Grades 1 & 2
    • Grades 5 & 6
    • Grades 7 & 8
  2. High School Teachers: Generally, we group our high school classes into upperclassmen and underclassmen classes. English, history, science, and Bible are taught this way. During one school year, for example, the underclassmen will have biology; the following school year’s underclassmen will have physical science. Math classes, of course, are taught separately by grade level. We are in need of the following high school teachers:
    • History teacher: In addition to US and world history, we also offer courses in American government and history of Brazil.
    • Science teacher: This includes physical science, biology, chemistry, and physics.
    • Math teacher: Our traditional math classes include Algebra I, Algebra II, trigonometry, and calculus. We also offer geometry and consumer math.
  3. Learning Differences/Disabilities Therapist
    • Each year, we have students who could really benefit from a trained LD therapist. We view this area as a necessity both to help our students on site and also to assist any of our Mission home schooling families in their areas of ministry away from PQQ.
    • We are currently in need of a trained LD therapist.
  4. Dorm parents: This is an area we treat with the utmost of importance. While our entire staff really is involved in providing care and education for our students at PQQ, our husband-wife dorm parents especially “do life” with our boarding students. PQQ dorm parents must have specific training through New Tribes Mission in how to provide the care for our boarding students at PQQ–we do not accept short-term volunteers as dorm parents.
    • Currently, we are in need of 2 sets of husband-wife dorm parents to serve at PQQ.
  5. IT Assistant: The Lord has blessed us at PQQ with our own high-speed wireless internet from the nearby city of Manaus. As we become more dependent on internet services, we need someone to help support its infrastructure. This individual needs to be capable of providing basic hardware support and trouble shooting and would be trained to administrate the daily functions of our core services at PQQ (e.g., firewall, email, VoIP, file server, and basic network management). This individual could also help with teaching computer-related classes to our students.
    • Currently, we need one IT assistant at PQQ.
  6. Facility Maintenance Manager (or Assistant): The remoteness of our school property and the jungle climate require a high level of commitment to the maintenance and care of our facilities and grounds.  Responsibilities would include maintenance of electrical and plumbing systems, painting, minor construction repairs to homes and school buildings, and maintenance on outdoor equipment (such as mowers, chainsaws, tractors, etc.).A Maintenance Assistance may also have the opportunity to teach a high-school-level class (such as wood shop, metal shop, etc.) and is encouraged to take every opportunity to disciple students through everyday activities. Coaching or participating in sports are other ways to be involved in students’ lives.