An Extra Pair of Hands


How does an associate or volunteer help the career missionaries? That’s a good question! Let me tell you just a couple of ways they (and I mean YOU!) can help. Here at PQQ, we can always use an extra pair of hands! One person who could easily benefit from your help would be the dorm mom(s). She often has her hands full! However, if we are lacking in teachers, even the dorm moms are often asked to teach a class or two. When associates or volunteers come & take some of the teaching load, it frees the dorm moms from taking on too much. What a blessing! The same goes for the buyers, accountant, guest coordinator and more! So many are filling multiple roles. When associates & volunteers come to help, it really takes some of the pressure off!
If you are not coming to be a teacher, there are many, many other things you can help out with. For example, one teacher may be quite good at fixing things. However, this is not his primary ministry. Teaching is. However, he may often be called upon to help fix things because there is no one else to do so. ┬áSo his time is divided, he’s up late and often tired. If you come to be a part of the maintenance team, the teacher can then focus his efforts on teaching. This is just one other way (other than teaching) that you can help at PQQ. There are more of course…dining hall helpers, wash house, guest house, maintenance workers and more! Needless to say, associates & volunteers are a bigger blessing than they will probably ever know.